Banner. Cost: 750

Types of promotional items.

The specialist who makes the banner for the web resource should have good knowledge in the field of chief graphic editors. Collaboration with our professional team is your opportunity to get a banner quickly and at a bargain price.

The lead time depends on the type of banner. Our employees are ready to create a professional banner in one of the following formats:

  • static banner (JPEG);
  • animated banner (JPG, Flash-animation);
  • Interactive banner (Flash or JavaScript animation).

It will take 1-2 days to create a static banner. To develop an animated banner, our specialist will need 2-3 days. And we are ready to make an interactive banner in 5 or more days. The specialist will be able to name the exact term of the order after clarifying all its details.

Development of animated and interactive online advertising

Animated, interactive banners are very popular today. This ad helps to seriously increase the conversion, the number of users.

A qualified designer of our company will fulfill any order at a bargain price, take into account the individual wishes of the client, use a variety of the best design solutions. The whole process of creating a banner design can be divided into several stages:

  1. Analysis of the target audience.
  2. Valuation of the customer’s web resource.
  3. Banner development.
  4. Defining a list of tasks.
  5. Choice of style, banner color.
  6. Rendering a layout.
  7. Adjustment of the project taking into account comments.
  8. Checking the banner, its placement.

To develop a banner, we take into account the main marketing rules. When developing a banner, our master takes into account the features of the product to be advertised, layout laws. Each of our clients receives only an effective and high-quality marketing tool that will help him develop his business.

The cost of making online advertising

The price of our service will be different for each specialist. The following factors will affect the order value:

  • The level of complexity of graphic elements.
  • Taking part in creating the main idea of ​​the advertising insert on the site.
  • The cost of additional services.
  • Urgency of the order.
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