Site Security. Cost: 1125

Thousands of programmers work daily to create and improve malware. One of the main uses of computer viruses is to gain control over sites. To do this, attackers are constantly looking for various vulnerabilities in site management systems and opportunities to bypass standard security tools. Also, resources are often hacked where the program code is written incorrectly, for example, screening for forms is not used.

Virus creators such an activity brings substantial income. Having gained control of the site, cybercriminals can redirect traffic, collect user personal data for resale, or steal passwords and credit card information. Often, spam is sent from infected resources.

Owners of hacked sites suffer large losses as a result of viruses or hacking. Firstly, infected resources are recorded by various anti-virus programs and search engines. Therefore, often pages fall out of the search engine index, which leads to a significant decrease in the number of visitors. Secondly, browsers can also give users warnings that they are trying to go to a malicious site. There are various blacklists with pages that have detected malicious code. All this dramatically reduces the reputation of the site among customers and leads to lower sales.

Sometimes, as a result of the action of malicious code, a site completely ceases to function. As a result, the business owner is in a disastrous situation. Restoring the work and reputation of the resource will take a lot of time and require significant investments. Therefore, you should never try to save on work related to site security. This will increase the level of protection and timely detect attempts to intervene.

Now there are various services that deal with site security issues. Competent experts conduct an audit of the site, analyze it for vulnerabilities and eliminate identified shortcomings. In addition, such companies provide a 24-hour security monitoring service. This service allows you to quickly identify malicious code or hacking attempts. This will provide the site owner with constant protection and minimize the risk of losses due to the activities of attackers.

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