Blog. Cost: 1500

Developing a Word Press blog requires a certain level of professional knowledge. The creation process is standard:

  • domain name selection,
  • his registration,
  • fixing the site to hosting.

But there are also features. For example, the completion of work on the site, which will be based on Word Press, consists of installing WordPress. Or an engine that allows you to expand the information content of the site by increasing the number of its pages, adding graphical components and re-linking without any special difficulties. This allows you to turn a cheap website into a highly functional blog.

The main thing is not to make a mistake with the degree of purity of the template used. The shortest html helps to increase the speed of indexing manipulations within any search engine. In other words, a short html line will allow you to increase the multiplicity and speed of the information displayed on the pages of your blog. What increases also due to minimal, and better complete absence, errors in html. Professionals will help you with this.

You can improve the work of the new site through the use of highly specialized plug-ins or program modules. The latter expand the functionality of the selected engine.

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