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The brand name is the untwisted brand, which is known to a wide range of customers.

In some cases, a brand has several advantages over little-known brands. For example, when a buyer wants to buy a certain product, but does not know which manufacturer’s products are best to buy. Moreover, he does not have the time, desire or ability to delve into the particulars of the goods of each manufacturer on the market in detail. In this case, his choice will focus on the products of some famous brand.

In marketing, the concept of a brand is used so that people have its name and logo associated with a specific group of goods or services. Moreover, this association must necessarily be positive, for example, to guarantee the high quality of the goods.

The main stages of creating a brand

  1. Conducting market research. At this stage, surveys of potential buyers are conducted, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the market, including the level of competition.
  2. Brand positioning. The main idea and unique features of the brand are determined. To do this, a list of brand differences and advantages is compiled, which will cause positive emotions among buyers and may become factors for increasing the brand value in the future.
  3. Name selection. Just coming up with a brand name is not enough. It is necessary that it be vivid and memorable, as well as have an attractive graphic display.
  4. Brand Registration At the next stage, the trademark name is registered in Rospatent.
  5. Brand logo design.
  6. Creation of corporate identity. One of the most important features of any brand is its corporate identity. This is a set of colors and fonts that will then be used for advertising and business correspondence.
  7. Select a character to represent the brand.
  8. Creation of company packaging. At this important stage, packaging options are being developed in which brand products will be sold.
  9. Creating a "brand of beech."
  10. Creating a brand development strategy. At this stage, an action plan is formed, the purpose of which is to increase the popularity of the brand. In this case, you need to correctly choose the communication channels (television, magazines, thematic sites, etc.), through which potential buyers will be able to find out about the brand and its advantages.
  11. Development of an advertising strategy.

Why is it better to entrust branding to professionals
Our company has been engaged in trademark design for many years, and our specialists have extensive experience working with brands in various market sectors. Therefore, we can talk about the specific features of creating a brand, depending on the type of product or service. As a result, a trademark will be created that will fully satisfy the requirements of consumers. With our help, the brand will become profitable from the very beginning of the launch, and in the future we can expect great popularity among the target audience. And the brand name created by us will be a very valuable asset for the company. It is also worth noting that we guarantee legal protection for the brand, so competitors will not be able to use it for their own purposes.

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