Design for a multi-page website. Cost: 3750

We are ready to offer a website with an individual design. Our works are characterized by high intuitive simplicity, visual memorability of performance and the presence of a wide range of functionality. That is, they will include:

  • mobile version and modification for the tablet,
  • site layout developed by photoshop,
  • public and individually designed icons,
  • unique banners created specifically for your site,
  • and a number of other offers that distinguish us from our competitors.

What any design offered by us can provide. But the multi-page site we are developing is much more practical and profitable than one page analog.
We propose to create a site layout of a multi-page type, which will allow you to feel the maximum productivity of this design. Because it has a whole range of advantages over standard single-page counterparts. Namely:

  • significantly more useful and interesting information, provided there are unlimited scalability options,
  • adaptation to any project,
  • the highest level of compatibility with any type of SEO promotion.

The choice is yours!

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