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Filters are auxiliary mechanisms and controls for the interface of a ready-made online store that help potential customers choose products or services that meet specified conditions and indicators. They create certain elements within categories in a specific order and can help the buyer in a more simplified search for the right product or service. It is worth noting that each product must have certain characteristics, according to which it can be compared with other goods or services and attributed to a certain circle or type of goods.

For example, the category “phones” can be added to the electronics department. The parameters for this type of product will be: OS, processor type, amount of memory, display size, phone brand and much more. In the application of filtering, it is important not to burden the buyer and not to upset the specific balance between the lack and excess of the selection of the proposed types, categories and characteristics. In order for the consumer, on the one hand, to find directly what he needs, and on the other, not to tire of the abundance of the proposed choice.

For the formation of filters, it is necessary to add a specific parameter to each product or service, and this, in turn, can take a lot of precious time. For this reason, when opening or buying a ready-made online store, you should not focus on this auxiliary mechanism - you can configure it later. Initially, pay attention to the categories and subcategories, they should be carefully examined.

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