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What is “Hosting” in the modern world? What is called the host or hosting provider?

Hosting is a service for providing virtual space in order to host any information on servers that are always connected to the network.

Hosters and providers are Internet companies providing host services.

The main task of the hosting is to save your resource on its own servers and make the resource work on an ongoing basis. Therefore, you should very carefully choose a provider. The quality and security of the hosting is of great importance. In the event that the servers are unable to perform the main tasks, this will significantly affect your site:

  1. It will stop working or will work at a very low speed.
  2. Search engines will not find the site

Host Types:

There are paid and free hosting. Free- perform the placement of sites, but they have many disadvantages. For instance:

  • Slow speed
  • Lack of security
  • The presence of extraneous advertising

Paid - means that you have to pay some amount for using the hosting. Usually the price depends on how good the service is. It can often be noted that reliability and low cost are incompatible. As a rule, hosting for a low price is not high quality. But relying only on the price category is also stupid, as there are very expensive hosting services, but not high-quality ones.

So how do you still choose the best quality and price hosting?

  1. No need to trust promises
  2. Always check reviews about this or that provider.

By issuing a resource, hosts usually come in four forms:

  1. Virtual. This is a hosting that hosts a large number of resources on one server. This is an inexpensive form of hosting and is well suited for small sites.
  2. Highlighted. When you order this hosting, you are given disk space, some share of memory and the like. For the user, this looks like a dedicated server, but in fact, on one real server there are some number of virtual servers.
  3. Highlighted. For use, you get the entire server. The hosting company will be responsible for its maintenance. This type of hosting is used for very heavy sites and the like.
  4. Colocation. The company of the provider gives you space in the data center (the room where the servers and other equipment are located) to place the equipment and connect it to the network.
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