OpenCart Online Store. Cost: 7500

Advantages of OpenCart for an online store

For buyers, there is not much difference on which CMS the online store works. In fact, they don’t even think about it. For them, the site’s functionality, ease of navigation and beautiful design are of great importance. They are also interested in the range of goods, payment methods and speed of delivery of goods.

Many owners of online stores are switching to OpenCart to conduct their business. This is a simple, free and functional content management system that is suitable for most tasks. It fully meets the basic requirements for creating online stores. Below are its main advantages and features.

This CMS is free. Therefore, for many, it becomes the best choice. Built-in standard functionality can be easily expanded by installing paid or free add-ons. The list of add-ons is quite extensive, so you can significantly expand the functionality of the system. To change the standard appearance, you can use ready-made templates. They can also be found in large numbers, both paid and free.

The administrative panel of this system is quite simple and convenient. It is easy to understand and make the necessary settings. You can find a number of useful tools in the panel, including sales statistics and metrics. It is also worth noting the ability to quickly install several languages ​​and currencies.

An OpenCart store can get additional benefits in SEO promotion by including CNC links. Such links are much better perceived by search engines and visitors. Of the other features, it is worth noting the high level of system security, so that customers are protected from personal data leakage.

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