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What are external comment systems for?

In order for you to be able to discuss publications on WordPress-driven websites with a regular comment system and classic settings, you must manually provide personal data and e-mail.

Other systems have a similar difficulty to consider the characteristics of well-known engines. In this case, a lot of comments of reviews are lost, because users do not want to drive in the data about themselves again in manual mode and wait for authorization.

Native WordPress Commenting System
WordPress Standard Commenting System
Other commentary services can provide features such as:

Simple authorization in order to participate in the discussion of various issues between users. In this case, it is required to make sure that the communication participant’s intention to quickly communicate his point of view can be realized, and at the same time the site owner can learn the necessary information about him.
Greater involvement of participants in the discussion of various events. Other services in real time inform all users that new comments have appeared.
Safety comments. Such systems can retain all the comments of participants. This makes it possible to keep disks free from unnecessary information, and the load on the server of the owner of the resource is reduced.
It is possible to leave a rating for user comments, and advise them to other participants.
The increase in the number of participants due to the fact that all comments appear automatically for each user in his account in the social. network.
Ability to insert visual content into user comments.
In the following materials, each of you will be able to find an overview of the functions of the simplest and most comfortable external comment modules.

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