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The design of the basket page on the website of the online store

Let us analyze the errors that most often occur during the design of this page.

  1. There is no way to remove goods from the basket. Various points may arise here: the button for deleting is completely absent or it is barely visible, which greatly complicates the performance of a large number of actions.

In order to remove the goods, you need to tick off, recalculate the cost of the order. The buyer will have to do a lot of unnecessary actions to delete the order.

In addition, he may inadvertently add goods to the basket, not want to buy it already, remove excess product from the basket. In the absence of such a function, he can throw the entire basket and buy nothing. The buyer should be able to remove excess goods from the basket.

  1. The full price of the order is not indicated. In some cases, you may notice the following notes: shipping is paid separately, 2% commission is added, etc. And the inattentive buyer will then be dissatisfied with the overpayment of the order, no longer contact your online store, he will think that you deceived him.
  2. I can’t continue to make purchases. When the user has entered the basket, he is not yet going to completely leave the site. Perhaps he only decided to look at the selected goods, their cost. And then he may decide to continue shopping. But if you decide to order the creation of the site and you do not have the necessary buttons in the basket, you will deprive the buyer of this opportunity.
  3. Missing mark on the availability of goods in stock. A common mistake is that the product catalog does not indicate which product is in stock. The buyer finds out about its real availability only after trying to make a payment. And then he feels cheated. He will have to find out many points on the order, like placing a new order, refund, etc. with the manager.
  4. There is no active link to the product card. The buyer has to re-search the selected product to check its characteristics.
  5. There is no photo of the product, there is only its value, name. The human brain will remember the picture better when the words to it are still present. And then the user focuses on the photo of a future purchase, rather than the name of the product. Therefore, you cannot remove this important element of a future deal from the site.
  6. Registration is required to add the product to the cart. The obligatory registration process on the website for making a purchase is not pleasant to customers. It will be enough to ask to indicate only contact information, and place an account already at the time of ordering.
  7. There is no way to get into the basket. The buyer may not even go into the basket after clicking on this icon. Then, after the election of the basket, he should go to the cashier, where he can get the opportunity to place an order. But why would he do that. He only wanted to see the goods, remove it from the basket. If this happens, the buyer will choose another online store to make purchases.
  8. It’s hard to find a basket on the site. Usually it is located in the upper left corner. The basket looks like an icon resembling a cart from a store.

If you try to install this button in another place, the buyer may not be able to figure out how to get into the basket. It’s better not to try to surprise the site users with the original location of the basket. It is necessary to order the creation of a site with a simple and intuitive interface.

How to properly arrange the cart page

  1. The basket must contain a photograph of the product, which corresponds to the picture from the catalog of the online store. This photo will allow the buyer to determine whether he put the right product in the basket.
  2. The name of the product should be a link to which you can click at any time, go to his card, see the properties, description of the product, make sure your choice is correct.
  3. Indicate payment systems for payment of the purchase: bank card, liqpay service, etc. The user must know this information in advance, and not learn about it during the payment process. Otherwise, he may be offended when he realizes that he cannot pay in the desired way.
  4. Indicate real information about the availability of goods. The user should always be able to look at this information in the product card, basket.
  5. Inform all website visitors about promotions, wholesale prices, additional goods, services. Timely and prompt provision of this information will allow you to persuade the buyer to make more purchases.

For example, the online store for the sale of digital and household appliances "Mvideo" offers each of its visitors, in addition to additional services, also to find out how many bonuses will be awarded to him after the order. Such information will only help expedite the purchase.

  1. Allow the buyer to easily remove the product from the basket, while maintaining the ability to return it again to the wish list. A situation may arise when the client simply temporarily does not have the funds to order the selected product. But after a certain period, he is ready to return, make a purchase.
  2. Add button to return to purchases. The link should be in a conspicuous place on the site, immediately visible to the buyer. In addition, the user gets the opportunity to find out how many bonuses will be credited to the card after making a purchase. This will be a good incentive to increase bonuses, orders.
  3. The overall design of the web page should not stand out from the design of the site. Differences will only frighten away the user, weaken the effect of the brand.
  4. The basket should not have a lot of unnecessary parts. Consider the basket of the Euroset website. It is fully consistent with the items described. It lacks unnecessary elements that can prevent the buyer from finding and acquiring the desired product. The design of the web page completely coincides with the design of the site.
  5. Add the “Quick order” or “Buy in one click” button. To make a purchase, it is enough to indicate only the phone number. After that, the manager calls the buyer back, clarifies with him all the details on the order, draws it up.

When the basket meets all the specified parameters, it is pleasant to work with it from the phone, computer, any other device, and the number of store sales will increase.

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