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We will develop a personal account on your site. By providing the client with a personal account on your site, you can further strengthen partnerships with him. At the same time, your site will become not only a good means of successful sales, but also the best tool for doing business. With the opening of the client’s personal account, the service is rendered at a new modern and high-quality level. At the same time, many working moments are solved faster and more efficiently. The client will be able to solve a lot of issues independently, which will reduce the cost of maintaining a large number of client managers. Our experts have extensive experience in developing personal accounts on company websites. Over the long years of work, all the nuances that must be taken into account for convenient and efficient use of the personal account by the client have been taken into account.

A personal account, as a rule, provides for three roles: a client, a company manager, and a company leader.

To the client
Depending on the type of business your company is engaged in, the tasks solved by your personal account may vary. For example, in trading a personal account is usually:

  • Stores a list of current customer orders with a reflection of the current status of each order;
  • Provides an archive of orders of goods by the client with the conclusion of the history of changes in the status of orders;
  • Shows the settlements between the client and the company.
  • Provides a list of reporting documents: invoices, invoices and invoices with the ability to print a document with scanned signatures and seals. It is possible to upload a document to PDF (Acrobat Reader);
  • Allows you to store and download documents relating only to the current client.
  • Allows you to issue an account to replenish the client's balance.

In a company that provides services, a personal account on the site performs tasks for the client:

  • Shows a list of active company contracts with a client, their status and parameters;
  • Provides a list of current services provided to the client by the company with the ability to view services and the current balance separately for each service. Usually the services are provided in stages, so the client can see for what period how many services are provided to the client;
  • It makes it possible to draw up the next application (request) for the provision of services.
  • Shows the settlements between the client and the company.
  • Provides a list of reporting documents: invoices, acts of acceptance and invoices with the ability to print a document with scanned signatures and seals. It is possible to upload a document to PDF (Acrobat Reader);
  • Allows you to store and download documents relating only to the current client.
  • It allows you to issue an account to replenish the client’s balance with the possibility of further online payment of the account to replenish the balance.
  • It provides an opportunity to issue a request to your manager for the performance of a particular work: drawing up a report for the client, early closure of the service, etc.

The above describes the tasks that the client solves in your account. Usually there are two more groups of users who are on the other side of the site: managers and executives.

To the manager
A manager from any place on Earth with Internet access can:

  • Administer your customer list.
  • For each client, a list of contracts is maintained with their parameters and status.
  • To write out (or import from accounting software, such as 1C) and send reporting documents to the client, give the client links to download documents in PDF format;
  • Handle customer requests;
  • To see all mutual settlements with the client: shipment (rendering of services) to the client and payment from him.

To the head
Managers can see the final report of management accounting: an itemized report on income and expenses for any period in both absolute and relative terms. The head is also interested in a report on overdue requests for services, a report on the rules for processing customer requests, reports on the rules for processing orders of goods by managers. It can affect managers, their motivation and the quality of services of the company as a whole. The manager has higher rights to receive reports and edit data.

More about the functionality of your personal account
For more than eighteen years of our work on sites, we have created a large number of modules, which in their capabilities cover the whole range of tasks that confront us when building personal accounts on the site. Among the modules such as:

  • mod_client_manager - client manager. Maintains a list of customers and their contact persons, contracts;
  • mod_paysystem - payment system. Responsible for payments from customers, including providing gateways to electronic payment systems. FZ-54;
  • mod_finsystem - financial system. Responsible for the sale of products and services. It takes into account acts of rendering services and invoices. Keeps records of funds in personal accounts of clients. A powerful mechanism for importing statements from popular bank clients allows you to automate most of the operations;
  • mod_contact_manager - customer contact manager. Fixes all contacts with customers along with notification of company employees and customer representatives;
  • mod_support_client_line - processing requests from clients for services;
  • mod_filearchive - storage of documents on the site with the possibility of dividing documents into directories, as well as with the assignment of access rights to each document;
  • mod_news - news. Allows you to divide news into groups and display in your account news only for customers;
  • mod_faq - frequently asked questions and answers from customers. Allows you to divide questions and answers into groups and display only internal questions and answers;
  • mod_forum - a forum, can be closed to external visitors, can be organized as a forum only for managers to communicate;
  • mod_offer_manager - commercial offers to customers. Fixing, tracking commercial offers to customers, change of conditions of commercial proposal. There is a block of work with "cold" contacts;
  • mod_jabber - sending messages using the jabber protocol (qip,,, ...);
  • mod_sms_sender - sending SMS messages to clients using SMS gateways;
  • mod_docman - module for storing copies of documents with the ability to export them to PDF format;
  • mod_projects - module for working on projects, with setting and tracking tasks by employees;
  • mod_corporation - module of the company structure with the formation of the staffing table;
  • mod_list - module for managing lists in your account. Mini database;
  • mod_number_generator - module for generating document numbers in your account;
  • mod_notify - module of system online notifications to the user of a personal account;
  • mod_chat - module of online chats of clients with managers;
  • mod_account_manager - user management module in your account;
  • mod_filials - module for managing the structure of company branches;
  • mod_location_manager - user geo-location management module;
  • mod_work_calendar - a company’s working calendar management module (holidays, weekends, business days);
  • mod_time_tracker - a timer module in your account with the ability to count periods between events.

Only the most common modules are considered here. Of course, for a particular business, sometimes you have to write modules such as booking tickets, managing a boarding house (sanatorium, etc.), managing leasing services, processing orders for seminars, etc. The composition of the modules will be clarified at the stage of your business requirements formation, and later on the creation of our technical specifications. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the development of personal client accounts in our company in more detail.

Depending on the current state of your site, there are several implementations of personal accounts:

  1. Your site was originally created on popular content management systems. such as 1C-Bitrix. In this case, it’s easy to do everything, just in a separate subsection with a transition to your personal account at your_site/my/ with setting the appropriate access rights;
  2. Your site was created without content management systems. There are two options:
    • The site is small and standard in features. In this case, it is easy to transfer your site to our InlifeCMS or 1C-Bitrix management system and then see paragraph 1;
    • the site is large and you don’t want to translate it into the management system that we have proposed. Then we create a personal account on the third-level domain with the observance of the main site in the navigation template. Thus, the client will not notice that it has moved to another server.
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