Multi-page website on CMS WordPress. Cost: 6750

The development of a multi-page site on WordPress CMS has ceased to be the business of programmers. Now anyone can quickly figure out how to create sites on this engine, especially since plugins and themes have been created for him, and free of charge.

How to create sites on WordPress

Everything is simple. In short, the domain for the site is registered first, and then it is added to the selected hosting. Then it connects to either the HTTPS Let’s Encrypt protocol, which costs free, or the paid HTTPS protocols if a multifunctional site is created.

Next, a database is created, the files are uploaded to the hosting, the language is selected (if necessary). The database server, as a rule, does not change. The resource name, username, passwords and email are entered. This is enough to make the site work on this engine.

If you need to improve the resource, there are plugins for this, with which you can create feedback, remove spam, sort comments, regularly change content, speed up resource loading and much more. Tens of thousands of such plugins have already been created, so choose any that you need. For those who create online stores, the WooCommerce plugin is useful.


Multi-page sites based on WordPress are simple, convenient, and the admin panel is understandable to anyone. Content on the site is added by a visual editor, very similar to text Word.

The engine is especially convenient when an online store is being developed. For its work, you will also need paid HTTPS protocols, if you want it to be profitable.

The catalog site created on Wordpress is easy to develop and is convenient for users to view. Its structure can be changed in a short time.

If you need a multi-page website on this engine, you can turn to hosting technical support, invite a programmer, or you can do it yourself.

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