Unique feedback. Cost: 11250

Creating a site with 0 may contain various offers. For example, we offer turnkey website development with the organization of a feedback system with a calculator. Which is very practical for users and effective for the owner of the site.

Feedback from the calculator is a more complex, or rather highly organized variety. Its presence allows you to significantly expand the quality of feedback, while remaining a simple and intuitive site for users. The calculator in this case not only allows for quick online calculations, but also makes it possible to attach additional documents, files and screenshots. This helps to more thoroughly study the client's need, which means to give a more individual, accurate and correct answer to any request.

The cost of such a modification is available to everyone. By the way, the page “feedback with the calculator” ends with a captcha or a security code that allows you to exclude spam messages created by bots from entering the site. Regeneration of the installed captcha occurs when this page is updated.

An example of a complicated form of feedback can be seen below.

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