Single Page on Doit. Cost: 9000

Own site today is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. A business card site or a small one (1-3 pages), or rather a brief analogue of the site on the DOIT samopisny engine, containing the most interesting, useful, brief and general information about the owner and his offer, a mandatory application if you want to create effective sites. And the role of a business card site is no lower in efficiency than the landing page.

The main differences of the business card site from the main one are that:

  • are affordable,
  • all the necessary and most interesting information is contained on one or two pages,
  • are created in the shortest possible time.

Creation goals

The main thing is the ability to convey to the potential user of your site the required information. And not only about the portal itself, but also about how you can get to it or clarify the necessary information. A business card site is a kind of landing page, but with a whole range of features. Where experienced professionals can not do. In addition to creating a colorful, informative and memorable business card site, we are ready to offer a domain and hosting for a year for free. You can, of course, take advantage of the free "blanks" that are often found on a virtual network. But then it will become identical to a million such products. And we offer an individual approach and favorable conditions of service.

The choice is yours!

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