Poll. Cost: 2250

As you know, in order for a website to develop successfully and enjoy loyalty, it is necessary to constantly check the opinions of its visitors and take it into account in future activities. This is connected with any aspect of the project, whether it is the presentation of a new brand, the construction of an interface, or the quality and speed of technical support responses, the user should be pleased with everything. The global network is distinguished by the ease and efficiency of collecting information, and this is worth using when promoting an Internet project a. One way to find out the opinions of visitors is to organize a survey on your site.

Our survey option is just what is required to collect information about the impressions of site visitors.
It would seem that everything is simple, but the technical side often raises questions. Not everyone understands how to form a survey, how to set its parameters, how to collect it, and analyze statistical data on answers. However, in this article we will not delve into the technical details of creating the survey, but we will pay attention to the site itself and its contents.

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