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It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the maximum flexibility and speed of the site search system. Today there is some variability in solving this issue. For a long time the development of the site includes the creation of a search system, which has three broad varieties:

creating your own algorithm, which will require a huge layer of your own buildings in the field of its development or attracting at least three professionals in the fields of design, marketing and programming,
launch of the standard CMS search system, each of them has its own algorithm. For example, Wordpress has a “tight-thinking” algorithm that can’t recognize any errors or typos,
connection of a third-party service. What should I dwell on in more detail.
Modern search algorithms are able to recognize errors, identify typos, and even recognize what the person who created the request is looking for. On the basis of what they automatically regenerate prompts. Some store in their short-term memory the latest queries, which are taken into account when ranking responses to subsequent requests. In addition, they are able to produce statistics, which is a very cool and demanded functional ability today. It is with its help that one can single out the most frequently asked queries of a “smart” search, determine the most frequent results of it, and so on.

Through careful analysis, I was able to determine the TOP-7 of the most frequently used services. Moreover, some of them work perfectly with blocks and information portals, while others are indispensable in online stores.

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