Simple filter. Cost: 1500

The creation of a standard cheap online store includes the development of a simple filter. It is he who, as the simplest search system, for example, at a cost, will make your site functional at the proper level. Without it, such sites simply lose their meaning. More complex designs are much more expensive!

Today, there is an active improvement of filtering systems for turnkey content, or other goals. What is done for specific purposes of the site owner or the requests of his user. Hence, a wide range of already created varieties are constantly updated with new analogues. When a filter simultaneously processes several set criteria at the same time, it is called complex. If it works with only one criterion, most often it is cost, it is called a simple filter. Our experience allows us to create inexpensive simple filters, which are a unique combination of affordable prices and high functionality.

The modern gradation of filters is represented by a multi-level system, but this is what allows you to choose the filter that will be most understandable, convenient and functional for the user. We are ready to create highly functional simple filters. Our experienced professionals in Kazan will help you make the choice and create the right filter.

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