Logo development. Cost: 9000

Logo design in Kazan is an important component of any business idea. What information should be included in the logo? As specialists in this field, we believe that it should be concise, simple and recognizable. The most difficult moment in the development of this element is the choice of the right direction and compliance with customer requests. During the creation of the logo, we follow certain requirements in conjunction with the creation of know-how. For example, such an idea didn’t occur to you, why do most banks use blue or green tones for their logos? The choice of such shades is associated with associations of people at the sight of these colors. In the bulk, these colors are associated with safety and durability. Based on this fact, I would like to draw attention to a very important point - when designing a logo, even trifling details are taken into account, starting from the appearance and ending with the right choice of color scheme and text size.

Logo design periods

Logo design is the most difficult and significant step in creating a project. Creating is not just about drawing, but creating something new - creation. No wonder they say that when creating a logo, a designer puts a part of his soul into it! In the process, we were able to determine the main periods in the development of a new logo. We have identified 4 most significant periods:

  • in the first period, the designer receives a task taking into account the will and requirements of the client, coordinates the details, presents samples of his previous works. This moment is very important, as it allows you to work out the idea of ​​a future logo in your head.
  • on the second, after receiving the initial data, the designer creates sketches, makes sketches - usually 1-3 sketches of the vision of the future creation are made. Sketches are submitted for approval to the client with the introduction of adjustments if necessary.
  • in the third period after the approval of the image, the designer proceeds to the formation of the smallest details, thanks to them a real logo is formed, after which he is again submitted for approval to the client.
  • the fourth period is based on the completion of the third stage. If the work satisfies the customer, then it is completed. In case of disapproval by the client, a return to the elements of the third stage occurs. Corrections are made to the work.

When developing a logo there are features. A number of customers do not own information about what the logo is and what to do with it in the future. In this case, it is worth listening to the designer's considerations, he is a professional in his field!

Logo Design Principles

Designers rely on the following principles:

  • Future creation should be ordinary and short, standing out among the mass of others, and have a certain “charm”. The simpler, the easier it is to remember.
  • You should not choose a small size inscription for it - the place of its placement can be objects of different sizes, where the small font will not be noticeable.
  • The main thing is "do not go too far" with little things! Too much detail can ruin everything.
  • It should fully comply with the theme - nothing superfluous is unnecessary!

Cost of manufacturing a logo

The average cost of a logo in Kazan corresponds to an amount of 5 thousand rubles. As a result of the work, you get finished products that do not require additional investment in development. The customer receives the logo in the format agreed with him in advance. The customer receives authorship for a masterpiece, this condition is prescribed when placing an order in the contract. With the consent of the client, his logo is placed in our portfolio.

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