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Custom Fonts

Employees working at Web-Colibri have very rich experience in developing a wide variety of fonts, both from scratch and based on pre-made, previously created fonts.

Why are individual fonts created?

For example, you do not like some details in the existing fonts that are in our library or you need an absolutely exclusive font in order to create a completely unique corporate identity.

If you want to get a completely unique font, our company can offer you such cooperation options as:

  1. Fully personalized font. If you need a completely unique product, you can order a custom font. This font will be made completely from scratch and tailored specifically for you, based on your requirements and desires.
  2. Alteration of our fonts. An easier way to get an exclusive font is to remake the font we already have. We can adjust the existing font specifically for you in the shortest possible time. Ultimately, you will be given an exclusive font.

Introduction of Cyrillization

There are a large number of different options in which you may need our help in embedding Cyrillic symbols in the font. For example, you create your own unique font and want it to support Cyrillic in the future, but you don’t understand languages ​​from the Cyrillic categories. Or do you want to bring your product to the market and you definitely need to make sure that the existing font supports the Cyrillic alphabet?

We strongly recommend that you place an order for cyrillization exclusively for those people who speak this language and have extensive experience in the field of font design. We are confident that Web-Colibri is ideally suited to all of the above criteria:

  1. Our company is very respectful of the Cyrillic alphabet. Web-Colibri employs a large number of people who speak languages ​​such as: Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian.
  2. Absolutely all fonts that were released for free and for commercial purposes by Web-Colibri have Cyrillic support.
  3. Our company already has a number of projects dealing with custom font cyrillization.

If you have any questions, please contact our email.

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