CAPTCHA Security System. Cost: 750

The need to create a site arises for various reasons. The most common include the offer of goods / services for the widest possible range of potential users. Or maybe just the need for feedback, a kind of landing page, that is, an effective tool for collecting contact information about those who visit your site.
There can be many reasons, but in any case, in the process of using the results that the created portal brings, there is a need to ensure its protection against:

  • hacking that ensures the pumping of the information collected on your landing page,
  • copying, posted information or used methods of its placement, presentation and processing mechanisms. What everyone is trying to make unique, for the acquisition of striking differences from competitors,
  • viruses and similar malicious virtual products.

By the way, the need to create a reliable security system can extend to third-party resources that are in any way related to your site. Therefore, the production of the site does not end after its launch for general use. Even a landing system, like a filter and a drive for the required information, requires constant cleaning, verification and adjustment in operation.

And we are ready to provide all this by creating a reliable system for protecting your site using capcha.

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