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A website is one of the main ways of submitting and presenting information on the Internet. A quality jQuery slider is a great way to present images. JQuery has greatly simplified JavaScript, but plugins are still needed. They significantly speed up the design process for the site.

There are quite a few varieties of plugins in the form of a slider for images. All of them equally have advantages and disadvantages. There is also the opportunity to make changes, creating completely new models of sliders. Most often, the need to adjust the script depends on the tasks of a particular site.

Many sliders already have a preset code. It’s enough to adjust it to the site: add a title, high-quality images and choose the effect for changing images. Each submitted jQuery slider is accompanied by detailed technical documentation. Updating effects or adding the right features is easy. There is even the possibility of changing triggers that are fixed on certain events.

Responsive design is the latest trend in web development. Such trends are important for projects on the Internet, regardless of the type of implementation - a simple script or slider. Change makes plugins flexible to make changes.

JQuery image sliders
Jssor Responsive Slider
I recently came across this functional jQuery slider, and was able to see for myself that it does its job very well. It contains endless possibilities that can be expanded through the open source slider code:

  • Adaptive design;
  • Over 15 settings;
  • Over 15 image changing effects;
  • Support for touch devices;
  • Gallery of images, carousels, support for full-screen size;
  • Vertical banner rotator, slide list;
  • Video support.

PgwSlider - adaptive slider based on jQuery / Zepto
The sole purpose of this plugin is to show image slides. It is very compact, since the size of jQuery files is only 2.5 KB, which allows you to load it really fast:

  • Adaptive layout;
  • SEO optimization;
  • Support by different browsers;
  • Simple image transitions;
  • The size of the archive is only 2.5 KB.

Jquery vertical news slider
A flexible and useful jQuery slider designed for news resources with a list of publications on the left side and image output on the right:

  • Adaptive design;
  • Vertical column switching news;
  • Extended headers.

Wallop slider
This slider does not contain jQuery, but I would like to introduce it, since it is very compact and can significantly reduce page loading time. Let me know if you like it:

  • Adaptive layout;
  • Simple design;
  • Various options for changing slides;
  • Minimal JavaScript code
  • Size is only 3KB.

Flat-style Polaroid gallery
A gallery in the style of documents scattered on the table with a flexible layout and beautiful design should interest many of you. More suitable for tablets and large displays:

  • Adaptive slider;
  • Flat design;
  • Random slide change;
  • Full access to the source code.
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