SSL certificate. Cost: 2250

You can order an SSL certificate with ease and at a low price on the REG.RU website. To quickly acquire services, you must perform some simple steps:

1. You need to go to the page for SSL.

2. You need to determine which certificate is right for you. We can offer both inexpensive options and certificates with much greater trust, which are intended exclusively for persons from the legal sphere.

3. Click on the “Buy” icon.

4. Select a certificate for one domain (you can also select all subdomains).

5. After that, you need to enter the domain name of the site.

6. Generate a CSR identity request. On the page that opens, enter all the necessary data (e-mail, information about the organization, and so on).

7. On the page, save the contents of the blocks “Request for CSR” and “Private. Key". Two documents will be immediately saved on your device (personal computer). Everything that they contain will be needed in order to install SSL on the server. Be careful! Keep private. SSL key on the local device.

8. Enter the necessary personal information on the certificate.

9. Make payment for the service using any convenient method.

10. Verify the issuance of the certificate.

Making a domain secure is really easy! Would you like to do it for a lower price? Then choose budget rates. Their purchase will not damage your pocket. You can easily use the domain in a fairly secure mode. So you found out where you can buy everything you need in order to protect your site!

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