Standard feedback. Cost: 1500

If creating a simple site has many different goals. That feedback as functionality is included in its structure to simplify the communication of the user and the administrator / owner of the site.

The lowest price for the functionality is “standard feedback. Because it has a simplified structure. But in this case, we offer low prices, short lead times and a high degree of protection against spam messages with high intuitiveness and ease of use for visitors to your site. That will allow you to get a quick start to any site we develop.

The main requirements for effective feedback are:

  • ease of use
  • variety of communication options.
  • response rate.

But the main thing is the high functionality of this tool. Developing sites in the city of Kazan, we will definitely thoroughly test the work of each order we complete. That allows you to identify flaws and inaccuracies in the work even before the launch on the pages of your site.

The standard feedback we create is complemented by a security code that allows us to prevent spam messages from automatically regenerating by virtual bots.

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