Standard search. Cost: 750

A standard or simple search is done by using a simple presentation form on a blog, website or page. It is made after the introduction of a full word or phrase. Its result is a separate list, no matter how many points it reflects.

There are two forms of holding it:

  • simple search box,
  • actually a simple search.

Each of them is carried out by default on all pages of the specified range.

To configure a more accurate search, you can use the ability to edit the default search settings. What on our site we have made accessible and intuitive to use. Everything is simple and straightforward, as a service urgent website development.

The search itself is carried out by:

  • the name of the file where the given request will occur in the given sequence, or by alternating with other characters,
  • file name and its contents.

The search engine is identical in both cases. The main thing here is to ask the correct request. This is the basis for obtaining the maximum correct result, which our professionals will help. The cost of the service is available to everyone. And the correctness and speed of its execution will turn your expenses on it into a symbolic fee for comfort and high efficiency of cooperation with us.

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