Smart search. Cost: 15000

A modern virtual network contains a huge amount of various information, where you can find everything, most importantly, correctly set the search.

For example, “Internet development”, you need to type in a full phrase and get a search answer containing several million pages, including this phrase in a variety of interpretations. To review such a volume of information or to make a search “from scratch” is very difficult and very time-consuming. We suggest using the “smart search” service.

Smart search or auto hint allows you to search for the information you need without having to type the search phrase completely. Which is replaced by the selection of the necessary option from the generated list, created on the basis of already entered characters. This search is activated when you enter the first letters and is constantly updated when you enter the next. This allows you to reduce the cost of the request and facilitate its entry. For this, we offer a number of direct occurrences of a wide range of words and phrases, as well as their word forms. What contributes to the fastest and most accurate search query response regardless of whether you are in Kazan or in Moscow.

Try it yourself. And you will see the functional attractiveness of this service!

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