Landing page layout. Cost: 6000

The look of a made-up landing page should correspond one hundred percent to the designer's idea: style and font sizes, color palette, line spacing and other important elements - a complete similarity of psd with the layout is required. But to achieve maximum accuracy is incredibly difficult, therefore, mismatch of small details (about three to six pixels) is allowed.

It is necessary that the HTML of the site contains comments on the main elements, such as: catalog, top background, various headers and the like.

Give headings to all buttons in a single language, in capital letters (Allowed with a capital letter).

All buttons must be in the usual style (by default) and be either graphic elements or elements that are configured using the style sheet.

And if you want to spell out various headers, etc., use the meta tags H-1, H-2, and so on.

All tag attributes must be quoted.

One of the most important points for which the layout of the landing page is necessary is the validation or verification of the resource on how it is adapted to various mobile gadgets. When you finish the layout, be sure to check how the landing page looks and interacts on mobile phones and other similar gadgets. And it’s most useful to do this during creation. Such actions can help to avoid significant gaps and complete the work more quickly and efficiently.

We did our best to give the most necessary landing page layout tips that can help you in creating an effective trading tool. But still, any webmaster has his own techniques that come with experience.

If you need a good landing page - Web-Colibri employees will be happy to help you create it.

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