Layout of a multi-page site. Cost: 9000

Multi-page resources are more complicated than single-page ones, their production requires more time, effort and money, but they are much better amenable to promotion and SEO optimization. They are larger and contain more useful material for users, therefore, from the point of view of search engines such as Yandex and Google, they look more attractive and consistently occupy higher places in the ranking. Of course, the volume resource to unwind longer. And it requires much more effort, but the result is better. If a one-page site can be promoted in a few days, it can take more than one month, or even a year, to a volume resource. But in the end, such a site will significantly surpass the one-page site in all respects and will cause greater trust both in search engines and visitors.

Layout of the online store
Layout is the writing of program code that allows browsers to "read" the site and display it in graphical form according to the plan of its owner. It is very important that the resource is displayed correctly on all devices.

You need to understand that the quality of layout is of great importance. Competently made up page is better perceived by search engines, causes them more trust, is higher in a search query. The correct code increases the loyalty of search engines to the site, therefore, it is much easier to promote and optimize such a resource.

In addition, a poorly designed resource will not please visitors and is unlikely to be convenient. Some browsers may not display these pages or parts of them correctly. Some details may disappear or overlap, change their location, which will negatively affect the interface and ease of finding information on the site.

This is especially unpleasant when displaying an online store. The price or description may "go away" from the corresponding product. By accessing such a resource, the visitor is unlikely to figure out what's what, will not achieve his goal, will be forced to leave the page and look for another place to shop. As a result, the owner of a poorly designed store will lose customers, and with them both reputation and profit.

Distinguish between static and adaptive layout. When static, each object and each page have constant dimensions and location. Such a resource will be displayed differently on devices with a screen of various sizes and resolutions. The page may not fit on the screen, or, on the contrary, take up too little space, leaving the bulk of the space blank. This is uncomfortable and unpleasant.

With adaptive layout there are no such flaws. The page and its elements have dynamic dimensions, depending on the size of the display and its resolution, and can adapt to the situation. In some cases, it looks much more attractive, but there are some difficulties. On wide screens, the elements are too far apart from each other, and at low resolution they overlap each other, which also gives an unsightly picture.

According to the implementation method, a distinction is made between tabular and block layout. When tabular, each part is placed in a cell of a special table, hidden from the eyes of the user. Block, as the name implies, consists of blocks.

Taking a ready site, you should pay attention to the quality of layout. To understand whether a resource is well-made, you need to see it on different displays with different resolutions and sizes, and on different types of devices. If deficiencies are found, the contractor must correct them.

Large, developed companies usually use multi-page sites. To organize an online store also requires a multi-page resource. To sell a wide range of goods (namely for such sales, and it is advisable to use online stores), you need a voluminous website. On one page, the entire product simply does not fit. This is the only way the online store will be able to function successfully and make a profit. Multi-page sites carry more information, look more representative, make a better impression and cause more trust. Therefore, for a reputable company, a voluminous multi-page site is better.

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