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Under the layout of the online store means writing the code of web pages, which converts the template in graphic format to a file understood by any browsers. The layout result is the correct display of the appearance of the site in the browser of a computer or mobile device.

It should be noted that layout quality is a very important indicator. First, search engines determine the degree of trust in a site by the quality of its pages. The better the code is written, the more loyal the search engines will be to the project. Consequently, the SEO process will be faster and more efficient.

Secondly, if the layout is poorly done, then visitors may encounter a number of unforeseen problems. For example, in any of the browsers there will be an incorrect display of all or individual page elements. Some elements may disappear altogether, which makes it difficult for visitors to find the necessary information and navigate the site.

Especially the layout quality is critical when creating online stores. If a visitor sees that page elements overlap each other or have moved from standard positions, then he will simply leave this store in search of a better resource. Therefore, the owners of online stores with poorly implemented layout will lose potential revenue.

According to the principle of display, layout can be static and adaptive. With a static version, each page and elements on it have strictly defined sizes and their position on the screen. But such pages on different monitors are displayed differently. Monitors may have different resolutions, which means that when a site is displayed in a browser, scroll bars may appear or there will be a lot of empty space at the edges of the page.

Responsive design lacks these shortcomings. On such sites, most elements do not have fixed sizes. Therefore, pages are automatically compressed or expanded when the screen resolution changes, which ensures the convenience of using the resource for visitors. But this approach has its drawbacks. First of all, there is a wide space between individual page elements on wide monitors. And with a very small resolution, sometimes the elements begin to overlap.

Layout is also subdivided according to the principle of implementation. Table layout is based on the fact that each element is placed in a separate cell in a special table that is invisible to visitors. A block layout is implemented using separate blocks.

When ordering services to develop a site for a customer, before accepting the work done, be sure to check the layout quality. To do this, you need to look at the appearance of the site on monitors with different resolutions and on mobile devices. If something is not displayed correctly, then you need to require adjustments to the site code.

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