MAHIS is the name of a virtual platform where you can trade, adhering to a uniquely loyal pricing policy.

Mahis is an online portal that offers a choice of clothing of the highest quality at low prices. The cost is formed without taking into account the standard level of margins available in retail.

Each proposed item of goods meets the requirements and standards of the current GOST and has a package of certification documentation.

We have many advantages of choosing, but the main thing is the constant updating of the conditions of discounts and promotions in relation to the line of goods sold. Therefore, you can choose any product you like without regard to the availability of discounts. Because it will certainly have an attractive shareholder value. The size is very easy to choose, thanks to the high functionality of the catalog and the wide size range of each model. The range is regularly updated.

We have an adaptive layout offering:

  • a wide color range and a number of different styles of dresses, tunics and sundresses,
  • peignoirs, night sets and shirts, as well as bathrobes,
  • T-shirts
  • leggings, breeches, pants and shorts of various types and styles.

Checkout is made intuitively easy and in minutes. You can receive the order at any time convenient for you.

Developers: Zhannur Gareev, Julia Kosulnikova
Site: maxis-kzn.ru