Corporate identity «Better than nothing at all!»

Corporate identity «Better than nothing at all!»

When we hear the phrase "corporate identity", as a rule, we present the logo of a company or completely do not represent anything, leaving a visual perception of the logical "this is what is done with taste and expensive." In part, these options also have a right to exist. However, corporate identity is a broader concept.

Unique design
Remember, for example, some eminent boutique or a similar snack bar. In these institutions, certain concepts of light, color, uniform, style of appeal to the client and many less noticeable characteristics are observed. Just the totality of all the individual characteristics of the work of a company determine its corporate identity.

And what about the corporate identity of the site? One of the first thoughts will be this: what kind of corporate identity can be made for a site, if most of them are similar to each other, only the colors and arrangement of buttons and blocks differ ?! Unfortunately, this is indeed so. The functionality of the sites is almost the same, the location of the controls differs slightly, the colors are quite typical. Only graphic images and content (content) are different, and the latter is not always unique.

This suggests that a visitor who visits a similar resource simply will not remember it, there will not be any feeling of interest in the memory. Interest, as you know, arises only when a person is faced with something unusual. A resource that does not have its own “zest” will be “flushed into the toilet” memory a few minutes after visiting such a site.

What can be offered to improve the "stuck" in the memory of your site with visitors? There are various technologies to achieve the desired effect. One of these technologies is the use of the corporate identity of the site.

What does this mean? This means that your site should remain in the memory of users through the use of a well-developed interface, color pairs, overall color and graphic content. Thus, the corporate identity of the site affects the subconscious of the visitor, and not on his conscious perception of information.

The concept is important!
However, achieving such results is far from easy. Before the layout designer takes up work on the site, specialists in other fields of knowledge will clearly indicate to him where and what should be on the site, what colors are made, etc.

Designers initially work on the relationship "color perception" and "color-size." The designer’s experience, his knowledge of human psychology, the ability to abstract from his task and look through the eyes of an ordinary visitor to the site are of great importance.

Thus, if you successfully combine certain elements into a single concept, a website will appear in front of your eyes that will be imprinted in the user's memory and will not cause rejection or irritation.