A domain or domain name is a kind of website address where it is found on the World Wide Web. That is, this is the character set that you must enter in the browser line to get to the desired resource. Usually it consists of Latin letters, numbers from 0 to 9 and a hyphen.

In order to become the owner of a domain, it is necessary to choose a suitable name, check it for employment in a specific domain zone and register.

When choosing a domain, be sure to consider that it plays an important role in website promotion. And an incorrectly chosen name can significantly complicate the promotion of a resource.

Some mandatory domain selection rules

  • Mandatory correspondence to the semantic core. The most ideal option is one of the keywords or phrases or their derivatives.
  • Compliance with the topic. Only by looking at the domain, the potential user should determine the direction of the site.
  • Brightness and catchiness, ease for remembering. It is desirable that the name can be dialed from memory.
  • Brevity. Best if the name consists of just one word.
  • You should not use letters in the domain name, especially hissing, which can be pronounced in different ways. This leads to spelling errors.
  • The domain should be easily perceived and memorized by ear.

Domain zone selection
Another important issue when creating a domain is the correct choice of a domain zone. A few characters after the period in the domain name carry a considerable semantic load. They can indicate the country (ru, ua, kz, etc.), the direction of activity (com - commercial, info - information, edu - educational, etc.). It is advisable to register the site in the regional zone where the activity will be carried out or in accordance with its direction.

Nowadays, choosing a good domain name is becoming increasingly difficult. After all, billions of sites of various subjects are registered on the Internet. Therefore, you must try hard so that the domain is beautiful and free at the same time.