The right choice of hosting is one of the most important steps in creating your website. many beginners make many mistakes when choosing a hosting. As a rule, they only look at the amount of space allocated for a web resource, and a little less often at speed. Therefore, many choose free servers that offer several gigabytes for a web resource. However, how correct is this approach?

If you like taking pictures and just decide to upload your photos on the network without any thought of profit, making them available not only to users of social networks, but also for everyone - then such a hosting is suitable for you. Such hosting is suitable if you are just training to create sites. However, at such a hosting, at one point, you can see that all your achievements have disappeared without a trace, or your photos are being sold and someone has already earned good money on them. And here all the problems arise that arise with the wrong choice of hosting.

Providing a wide range of hosting services
As practice shows, for a regular web resource on which only text information and images are stored, only a few hundred, or even tens of megabytes are enough. More important is the functionality of the hosting. Beginners who once put their web resource on free hosting over time begin to understand its shortcomings.

Low price hosting provider
Today there are a lot of paid hosting, monthly subscription in which is from 1 to 10 dollars. Although this kind of money is not a premium account, the webmaster is provided with wide possibilities: synchronization with popular site designers: front page dreamweaver, all of this is archived and in case of outages, your site, and therefore all your work, will not be lost and you will can recover. The possibilities are not limited to this and depend on one or another hosting provider.

Timely and quality technical support
An equally important issue is tech support. She must promptly respond to all questions and clearly explain and correct all problems.

Providing hosting domain registration
Well, at the end, the last advantage is the domain. On free hosting you get a 3 or 4 level domain with the prefix of the hosting name. Such a domain will not be ranked by search engines. So this site will not be able to bring commercial benefits. Even if you manage to attract advertisers and users to your site, the cost of advertising will be just miserable. But today, most paid hosting providers give the client as a gift when buying an account for 3 months or six months they give a choice of a second or third level domain.