How to sell your site?

How to sell your site?

Social networks have recently become an increasingly attractive place for promotion of both online resources and offline stores. For sites, this is a plus to the piggy bank of ranking factors, ordinary stores thus expand their target audience. In both cases, a group or public is created in which useful information on the topic and marketing campaigns is located.

How to fill a group with visitors
Help in self-promotion can be provided by friends who, at least out of politeness, agree to post information on their page with an invitation to the group. You may be able to ask friends to invite their friends. But then you have to act by other methods. You need to be prepared for the fact that not all friends agree to post your commercial information on their walls for free. When inviting new users to the group, it is necessary to take into account the restrictions set by each social network on the number of such invitations per day. Otherwise, the group may be frozen or blocked. To send out invitations, you should create a template whose text will be small, but creative and attractive.

Mutually beneficial cooperation
When friends of friends are notified, you need to look for a new audience. Invite strangers indirectly through groups and communities with topics close to yours. It’s just not possible to post a post with a link to your site in a group; it can be identified as spam and deleted. However, if the group is “dead”, there will be no one to complain. Is there any point in such a publication? Before posting your ad to someone else’s group, you must agree with the owner. Owners of popular active groups are unlikely to agree to publish your ad for free, and the cost of some offers exceeds reasonable limits. It is worth looking for the same newcomers as you are, and agree on a mutually beneficial exchange of advertising.

Advertising Publications
Advertisements in topic groups and communities will not be free. The scale of such shares should be coordinated with the budget. But by placing a paid ad, you have the right to demand statistical data on the group’s attendance for a certain time. The most indicative will be the data for the month. Noteworthy for paid advertising are groups in which there are from 5 thousand visitors per day. Naturally, the mere fact of advertising in a popular group does not guarantee success; you will have to take care of the text with an attractive proposal.

Targeted advertising
Social networks, taking the opportunity to collect and analyze personal data about participants, offer a new type of advertising - targeted ads. The form of advertising remains the same - it is text or multimedia messages, but they are served only to a narrow circle of potential consumers. When selecting a target audience, many factors are evaluated, such as gender, age, occupation, social status, etc. Targeted advertising is the best suited for the promotion of groups and publics, because it takes into account the interests of a very narrow circle of target audience.

Prizes, gifts, useful webinars
You can attract visitors with an attractive free offer, intended only for newcomers to the group. Love for everything free will launch word of mouth. Each member of the group who received interesting information or a gift will hasten to invite his friends and acquaintances into it.