Similarities and differences of information and marketing texts

Similarities and differences of information and marketing texts

There are several types of texts posted on the pages of the global network. They may be in the form of advice, news or information. There are also selling articles that advertise a particular product or service. When dealing with copyright and creating textual content for websites, you need to know the differences between these varieties, their characteristics and general features. This will improve the qualifications of the author of the texts, attract customers to him and, undoubtedly, will be useful.

Characteristics of informational articles
Information texts can be devoted to any subject: events, travel, organizations, brands, the Internet itself and much more. Most often they are of an overview nature. In order for such an article to increase page rank, make it more attractive for search engines, it includes keywords.

Distinctive features of selling texts
Such articles are similar to advertising. Their goal is to draw the attention of the site visitor to a specific product or service, to encourage its purchase. These texts also bear a resemblance to the commercial proposal, are presented in a concise, but succinct and interesting way. They talk about the merits and positive properties of the advertised subject. Their main goal is to increase sales.

Similarities between informational and selling texts
  1. The creation of any content usually begins with the search for information and its study.
  2. Both types of articles provide information about a product, service, or company.
  3. Both types of content can be optimized, if required by the customer.
  4. Both information and marketing texts should provide only reliable information.
  5. Both those and other texts are called upon to raise the site’s rating and promote it.
Important differences between the selling text and the informational
  1. The informational article contains reliable, interesting and relevant facts. The selling text consists of advertising slogans and appeals motivating the purchase of a product or service.
  2. Informational articles do not need to use author opinions and comments. The advertising text welcomes freedom of narration. It can come from a third party and from the first, including the personal relation of the author to the product.
  3. You can’t add humor and a personal assessment of the material described in the information article. For the selling text, explicit or hidden advertising is characteristic, and the way it is presented directly depends on the author and the tasks set by the customer.
  4. The title of the article with the informational presentation of the material should be short, but capacious, reflecting the theme of the text. An original and catchy title, often containing one of the keys, is the key to the success of the selling text! Aggressive advertising in it is not permissible.
  5. For informational texts, the presence of SEO optimization is determined by the customer. An advertising article in almost 100% of orders should match search queries.

The author of the texts should be aware of the difference and know the general features of information and marketing texts in order to understand what his client needs and perform his work at a high level