The main objectives of the «selling» sites

The main objectives of the «selling» sites

What is a "selling site"
Each site owner has a specific purpose for which this resource will serve. Many sites are points of sale and promote their product by displaying it in a catalog with detailed descriptions. Such sites are referred to as "selling." Additional features include sales, discounts, coupons, and sometimes contests with prize winnings.

Navigations such as a guest book, a forum for visitors, and so on are not the main part of the resource, and in many variations of "selling" sites are completely absent. This is due to the fact that the main element that should be visible to users is the product itself. Instead of posting information that distracts visitors to the site, it would be much better to direct the work of the resource to the establishment of its specific task.

What is a “selling site”?
A site can pursue different goals, for example, such as connecting a user to a sales administration. Demonstrating products in a virtual "window" is half the battle; another important point is the acquisition of this product by a potential customer. It follows that for the transaction, the user is sent to the contact section and directly connected with the center of order support. To do this, the site owner must install the buttons leading to the desired "body" of the site, as close as possible to the main page. Information about communication with the administration should be visible and not take away from the visitor the time to find it.

The choice. To implement the task of conducting the user to the catalog department, it is necessary to provide him with all the necessary information about the product, providing information about the price and quality, placing the image. Such a move is often used by sites selling household appliances. The site in this case is only an instruction, and the store itself has its own point. The implementation of the order. The last goal that owners of "selling" sites can pursue is placing an order. The main goal is not only acquaintance with the material of the site, but also the subsequent purchase made by its visitors.

As a rule, payment for goods can be carried out both by electronic payment or by credit card. This method of placing an order is used on sites that conduct sales acts directly through the network itself. But there are also such Internet directories that provide users with the opportunity to fill out an application and deliver goods, not excluding the method of payment for the product in cash.