Tips for creating and promoting sites

Tips for creating and promoting sites

Today, only a small child can not create your site. For the simple reason that he still cannot read and write. Everyone else - from the fifth grader Vasya Ivanov to the owners of oil concerns, are interested in having their own website. Owners of concerns need it for profit, and Vasya - for their own self-affirmation. But if concerns can afford to use the services of professional web-developers to create and promote a site, then Vasya can rely only on himself. And only time will tell whose site will be better! The one that invested money, or the one that invested soul.

Do not be afraid of your desire to create a website with your own hands! Believe me - this is real! Today on the Internet you can find quite powerful website designers, with which you will develop your own. The only thing you need to have a clear idea of ​​where to start.

You need to start by defining the purpose of creating your site
Why do you need it? Business card site, business site, information site, online store, portfolio - its appearance and internal content depend on the specifics of the site. A site cannot exist without a theme and name, so you need to come up with a theme and name. You need to consider what sections you would like to see on it. Prepare and collect all the materials to fill it. After that, you can begin to search for a designer, or to search for a team of professionals.

With the help of the designer, even without certain knowledge, you will be able to get a pretty attractive site. It contains a large number of templates of various subjects. Not even so much in design as in thematic focus. You will be able to change the design until it finally comes to your taste. Image gallery, polls, forum, guestbook, news feed, question-answer - this is the minimum of those opportunities that the site designer allows you to make and which will be in demand among your visitors. Do not forget to discuss the availability of all the components necessary for you with professional developers if you work with them.

Let's say you created a site! What's next? And then it needs to be promoted! “Why, where, how?” - you ask. "What for?" - to justify the hopes placed on him! "Where?" - in the TOP of popular and visited sites, so that it is visible not only to your friends, but also to the huge Internet. "How?" - by all means available for this! Regardless of how you created your site: you chose a designer or turned to professionals, you should constantly promote it. Make it a rule to update it as often as possible! Write articles, add pictures, videos, new sections. The content of your site must be unique and updated. Search engines love this a lot!

Website Traffic Tips
Be sure to install the Yandex.Metrica search query and traffic statistics collection tool on the site. This will help you select and distribute keywords correctly. You can also use the Yandex Keyword Statistics service for this. Create a sitemap. This will be a kind of pointer to the addresses of all your pages for both users and search engines.

Register your site in search engines and directories.
Use all the available means of advertising your site: forums, blogs, media, articles on external resources, social networks. Share links with everyone you can share with.

Take the time to optimize your site for a mobile audience. In the near future, mobile use of the Internet will exceed the traditional use of the Internet from a computer.

Do not forget about banner and contextual advertising.
The more effort you put into your site initially, the greater return you will get from it!