What determines the cost of the site

What determines the cost of the site

"Own site - intellectual property and a work of digital art: investments are justified." Website development - compare the purchase of an apartment or vehicle. We must weigh everything, ask the price, understand the package. Do you need an exclusive site? For promotion, there is a lack of corporate website features? Decided to create an online store? Understood that your niche cannot do without a landing page? All this and much more can be created online. There are free, paid and combined methods. Each type of site is designed and shaped by masters individually if you need a really serious resource.

Where does the site begin. Key pricing factors
Any market participant offering goods and services should have a clear idea of ​​the pricing procedure for a product that will allow him to earn through the network. First of all, you need to find a free domain name. Everyone has a price. Extremely short, easy-to-pronounce, and easily audible and written can be very expensive. The first investment is made in registering a domain with payment for owning it for a certain period of time or renewing a domain, if it already exists. Among the main pricing items that affect the overall estimate, there are:

  • unique design (or website redesign);
  • HTML5 layout, which affects the cost due to the number of pages, complexity of design, functions;
  • standard technical equipment (minimum volume of typical modules);
  • complicated tech. site equipment based on the development of additional blocks for sites, the introduction of custom modules.

Platform selection
Imagine that you came to a car dealership. A competent consultant will ask you a number of clarifying questions that will help him create a list of your requirements. And to offer you the most successful brand, model, configuration, modification, optimally corresponding to them:

  • someone needs a budget basic option that can be created on any public platform for laying out information, for example, Wordpress or OpenCart;
  • someone prefers complete comfort and maximum capabilities, so you have to choose paid platforms such as 1C-Bitrix, UMI.

Combinations are also possible. Any free hosting service offers paid extensions, including the unique development of modules for sites. On Instantcms hosting, you can get the base and some of the modules for free, and pay for the rest. The cheapest original outwardly option is a free OpenCart + paid template. When creating on a free hosting, you can always transfer a site (domain name) to a paid option. An experienced web developer will choose the CMS system himself. Very popular among the masters of WordPress. It is flexible, easy to manage, seo-transparent. This platform will provide many free plugins. She has rich functionality. However, such a CMS system is not suitable for very bulky and large-scale projects. In this case, experts will prefer Bitrix, which easily copes even with very difficult portals. The system is reliable and safe. In addition, she is loved for the constant update and the emergence of new functionality. An experienced specialist can easily optimize any costs. In addition to the requirements for the main version, preferences for the version of the site for a mobile phone, a site for a tablet will also be specified.

Why they turn to professionals for creating unique resources
Any network product is:

  • practically a work of art;
  • joint creation of several specialists (web designer, programmer, copywriter);
  • intellectual property of the right holder;
  • a tool for promoting goods and services, generating income.

Each site is focused on the target audience when creating. It is difficult to evaluate and measure it with some general parameters. How many market segments - so many subtleties of creating an instrument, i.e. the resulting product is unique. It is copyright and is created in a single copy, so that prices are formed individually.
We are talking, of course, about entrepreneurs who need not just a website, but an excellent selling, image-building, status website. Work on such a product begins with the development of technical specifications, the creation of a project, a design layout, the development of a banner or banner, the development of a logo or the completion of a logo that already exists in a company, and its modernization for a network resource.
The cost directly depends not only on the quality and complexity of the design, but also on filling the site with content. It is undoubtedly extremely important for attracting and retaining a potential audience. Effectiveness, visibility and ease of perception depend on it. Stereotyped and illiteracy is the rejection of the client and the robot, a decrease in profits, as a result.

You can only win a potential audience by trusting them. The template is not trustworthy, but it is still not visible to the user, and an experienced specialist will be able to unify even the standard version. You can't save money on content that is the" face " of a resource. The site will correctly complement sales and informational texts, relevant illustrations, photos, drawings, tables, video files, presentations, General and narrow, and so on.

The final stage of site analysis.
After the launch, you need to do:

  • SEO-site placement;
  • integration of the website into the CMS to automatically update;
  • Setting up contextual advertising to get a quick conversion, although for the first time;
  • global Dating sites.

The amount of funding for these events will be affected by the chosen location and competition in the field of activity of the owner company. Site support, development and modernization will also require investment. Apparently, no Internet resource can stand in one place. It should be flexible and actively developed for changes in the network.