Types of Internet sites

Types of Internet sites

Visiting a site on the Internet has become absolutely commonplace for modern people. There are people who browse hundreds of sites per day to find the information they need or a certain kind of functionality. We can all leave comments, fill out online questionnaires or participate in surveys conducted through one or another website. Few people think about what a site is? And what types of sites on the Internet exist today?

If stated as simply as possible, the site is a set of various kinds of components: HTML pages, graphic design elements, content and functional scripts. All this and much more is placed on the server of the host, so everyone can visit the site at any time for or at night. It is important that all the components of the site are connected by another domain, the name of which depends on the address of the pages of the site.

There are various types of sites on the Internet.

  1. By location there are local sites that are not hosted on the Internet. For example, only employees of a certain company can use such a site; you can access it through the organization’s local network, and not through the Internet. Sites for public use, as mentioned above, are hosted on the World Wide Web.
  2. Access sites may be closed or public. In other words, a site can be hosted on the Internet, but a limited number of people or organizations can access it.
  3. Sites can be dynamic or static. There are few static sites now, since it’s much more convenient to use dynamic sites, not only the audience, but also the administration.
  4. In terms of focus, sites can be:
  • informational, on which you can find information on a specific topic;
  • corporate, which are designed to attract new customers and support existing ones;
  • online stores through which entrepreneurs can sell a certain type of product;
  • Internet portals, including a large number of functions through which you can find information, you can solve certain functional problems, find customers and so on.

Here are the main types of sites on the Internet that each of us can meet, plowing the vastness of the World Wide Web. It is possible that by going to one of the sites tomorrow, you will be able to determine which category he belongs to.